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  • Pack de textures végétales

    pack de textures végétales by AXXPack de textures végétales format png à découvrir dans les ressources 2D et proposé par AXX pour vos créations 3D. Merci à lui ... 

  • Canon Bryce

    Canon by Nergal83Canon pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds et wings 3d à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Merci à lui ... 

  • Romantic bridge Bryce

    Romantic bridge by Nergal83Romantic bridge pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Merci à lui ... 

  • Service à Café Bryce

    Service à café by Nergal83Service à café pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Textures incluses.

    Merci à lui ... 

  • Poser Baton de Mage

    baton de mage by conallBaton de mage pour Poser 4+ à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Conall. Textures incluses.

    Merci à lui ... 

How to propose your objects? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Seven   
samedi, 10 février 2007

Send your products it's easy ... You can use the address depot (at) entrepot3d (dot) com at your disposal.

The maximum size of your attachment should not exceed 20mb. If your product is heavier, then you can put a direct link to a place of temporary accommodation of your choice (eg your website, or website type) in your message ...

In receipt of your e-mail, we will confirm by return the good reception of your product, and put them online as soon as possible.


Terms of sending your products:
=> You must be the author's original creation that you make available on

Any product not in accordance with this clause will be automatically rejected.

By default, your creation will be distributed with a Creative Commons license (Attribution + Noncommercial + Share Alike), and a read-me of this contract will be added to your archive. If you don’t want that we add this contract, we thank you in advance, to join your license with your product.

=> Read the terms of creative commons license

What should contain your archive:

  • Your author name, email address, address of your website if you have one
  • Your license (if you do not want to use the Creative Commons or in complement)
  • Your product (+ texture if is textured)
  • A render 450x450 of your product (you can propose many pictures)

Diverse :
You can if you wish, we provide additional information in your e-mail. Example: introductory text for the thumbnail, etc ...

Important :
If you want one or more of your products available be withdrawn from the Entrepot, thank you for using this same address to send your request. It will be processed as quickly as possible.

Remerciements :
The whole team joins me in thanking you for your participation in the life of entrepot3d and time spent creating your objects.

Good designs and good surfing,
Best regards,


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