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Écrit par Seven   


Paris, April 10th, 2007.

N-Sided has just released the 1.2 version of QUIDAM, its revolutionary professional software for character modeling.

Already greeted for its fastness, its very intuitive interface and its productivity, QUIDAM is unique in merging various anatomical elements into one seamless model. A single Base (Model Pack) of QUIDAM allows to generate billions of different characters! Moreover, QUIDAM offers artists a full set of advanced tools for sculpting and retouching creations to the last detail.

QUIDAM is the only software that exports multiresolution 3D characters, fully textured and ready to be animated in every piece of software of the 3D market.



QUIDAM 1.2, a major update, comes with many new features that will delight both professionals and hobbyists:


A new content source: the .Qui Bank

The .Qui Bank is a new library loaded with unique characters generated from the available Model Packs. These ready-to-use models give you an idea of the boundless creative ability of QUIDAM. Access to a wide diversity of models, from the sumotori to the skater, as well as to the business woman. Add your own creations to the library to reuse them as bases for creating new models.


Faster and more natural sculpting tools

The sculpting tools have been drastically optimized to be faster (up to 5 times!) and more intuitive. QUIDAM is now ready to retouch hundreds of thousands of polygons models in real time. The amazing Jelly Brushes which let you model with a pressure tablet digging or embossing in real time have been improved with new options.


Paint the skinning

QUIDAM invents once again the groundbreaking feature: the automatic skinning transfer from a model to an imported prop, or even to a whole model! The advanced users will be delighted by this direct and powerful tool: paint the elasticity of your imported props and even dress them in real time for animations by transferring skinning automatically. A huge time saving for animation!


Custom textures where you want

QUIDAM 1.2 now allows to import textures and paste them on a precise surface (a piece of cloth, a prop, a body part etc.). Unleash your creativity and detail every part of your character!


And a lot of other improvements and optimizations...


The Model Pack Pro Girl

To complete the Children Serie with a counterpart to the Model Pack Pro Boy, the Model Pack Pro Girl has been released. This professional dynamic model offers an unrivalled quality. It allows to produce a multitude of various ready-to-be-animated models, fully textured, and equipped with UV map, bones.
Other dynamic character bases (Model Packs) are currently being designed and will be offered for free to all registered users.

Special Offer : Until April 30th, the Model Pack Pro GIRL will be available for only €99 (approx. $133) instead of €129 (approx. $173)!
Prices are VAT excluded.





QUIDAM 1.2 is a free update for all registered users of previous versions.

QUIDAM: €199 (approx. $267)
Export Plug-ins for Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D, Carrara, 3DS MAX: €75 each (approx. $101)
LPA Plug-in: €300 (approx. $403). The Low Poly Access extension adds advanced tools to QUIDAM and allows user to export models in their lightest version for using them in real time applications or games.
Prices are VAT excluded.


Some press Quotes:

 "Quidam is one of the most fast means to create unique characters with customizable anatomy, clothes and textures. It provides fast posing and incredible sculpting controls. Export plug-ins for the most famous 3D software that support low-poly model transferring bring this application to the top list of fast character modeling software."

Gleb Kobzar,, March 2007

"Quidam excels at building professional custom characters saving you the time of building up from scratch, which then allows the artist more time to concentrate on more intimate details of the model. It is very easy to pick up and use, and I was building new characters and completely customizing them within the first hour."

Note : 4/5, Joe Woynillowicz,, février 2007

"QUIDAM's main point of difference is that offers the direct exporting of figures to your 3D app of choice, complete with bones, weight and UV maps in place, ready to be reposed or animated."

Steve Jarratt, 3D World Magazine, December 2006
Future Publishing

"QUIDAM is a powerful and innovative tool, which integrates perfectly in the production workflow and opens Character Creation to everyone, in a professional and pleasant way. A must."

Score : 4.5/5, Nicolas Verdun, SVM MAC, VNU PUBLICATIONS (translated from french)

"With its price, its accessibility and its adanced features, QUIDAM addresses 3D hobbyists as well as professionals who desire to create virtual characters of infinite diversity"

Score : 8.5/10, PC ACHAT, FUTURE FRANCE (translated from french)

New tutorials and reviews:

Review of QUIDAM in and
Tutorial of Franz Stake on create with QUIDAM a custom head morph to be used inside Poser.
Listed tutorials on


Video games, Internet, multimedia production, video and cinema, illustration... for each of these domains, the needs of 3D content do not stop growing, stimulated by the desires of the public and the increased graphic performance of computers. With QUIDAM, N-Sided answers in an extremely productive way to this demand for 3D content. The days of spending hours creating characters from scratch, polygon by polygon, in overly complex programs are over: a few clicks suffice with QUIDAM! Artists are going to rediscover the pleasure of creating!

Designed for the independent artist as well as production studios, QUIDAM offers an exceptionally ergonomic interface at the same time as precise professional results.


Unique Characters

The principle of the program is simple. When starting a new file, QUIDAM gives the choice of a new base character or starting point, from a variety of types: men, women, cartoons or creatures.
These bases are not just fixed models. Each character can be varied at will with each body part: hands, ears, chest and eyes...
Moreover: hair, clothes, shoes and jewelry can also be added to enhance them. With the diversity of the available body parts, one can mix and match to create thousands of different characters.


3D Modeling becomes like Working with Clay

Full of intuitive and innovative tools, QUIDAM is an invitation to give the model a personal touch. With QUIDAM it is the artist who creates his character, not the program!

A few more clicks to set the pose, and the character is ready for the show! In no time, QUIDAM produces a high quality render, ready for print or editing in any image software or export the character ready to be animated in other specialized 3D programs.


Unique Advantages

  • QUIDAM offers original 3D sculptures: entire characters, precise and anatomically realistic. A real professional resource, within everyone's reach!
  • QUIDAM is extremely easy to use: in less than an hour one can understand the program and be exporting your first characters! Forget the unnecessarily overly complicated programs, incomprehensible dashboards... everything in QUIDAM is made to let one express his artistic talent!
  • QUIDAM offers advanced tools for sculpting and retouching to personalize the creations to the last detail, explore a range of expressions, from portrait to caricature...
  • QUIDAM, with its immersive real time interface, takes full advantage of OpenGL and the latest generation of graphic cards. Compatible with all the 3D applications used by professionals (3DS MAX, Maya, Lightwave, etc.), QUIDAM is easily integrated into the workflow of 3D production.
  • QUIDAM can quickly calculate high quality final images. Its export of multi-channels to your favorite image editing program responds to the needs of any professional.
  • Multiplatform, QUIDAM will be soon available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS X.

About N-Sided

N-Sided is a french company founded in 2003 by Pierre Bretagnolle and Sébastien Berthet with the ambitious goal of giving 3D back to the professionals of creation: the artists. QUIDAM is the first step in this direction... the first because other technologies are ready, which promise to open 3D to new creative horizons.

Source :
Copyright © 2007 N-Sided all rights reserved.
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