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  • Pack de textures végétales

    pack de textures végétales by AXXPack de textures végétales format png à découvrir dans les ressources 2D et proposé par AXX pour vos créations 3D. Merci à lui ... 

  • Canon Bryce

    Canon by Nergal83Canon pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds et wings 3d à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Merci à lui ... 

  • Romantic bridge Bryce

    Romantic bridge by Nergal83Romantic bridge pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Merci à lui ... 

  • Service à Café Bryce

    Service à café by Nergal83Service à café pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Textures incluses.

    Merci à lui ... 

  • Poser Baton de Mage

    baton de mage by conallBaton de mage pour Poser 4+ à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Conall. Textures incluses.

    Merci à lui ... 

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packvue8esprit.pngThe Enhanced Digital Nature Application for 3D Artists

Vue 8 Esprit is the enhanced Digital Nature application with extended import and scenery control features for serious 3D Artists. It is focused on intuitive workflow, advanced rendering features and Poser integration.

With a clear, uncluttered interface and state of the art features, Vue 8 Esprit combines sophistication with ease of use. With Vue’s renowned natural 3D tools and unique render quality, you’ll soon be creating inspiring 3D art in any style.


>>> for more informations



Vue 8 Pioneer - Free! - The Perfect Introduction to 3D

Create vast expanses of terrains, add trees, select the best point of view and render hyper-realistic images of your landscapes in moody atmospheres... in a few mouse clicks.

Vue 8 Pioneer is a great way to learn 3D. It's so easy to use that you'll be composing amazing 3D landscapes in no time.

Vue 8 Pioneer includes free access to the Cornucopia3D community: get help, exchange tips and suggestions with other users, find inspiration by looking at their art, or show your own creations to the world!

>>> for more informations


E-On Software présente : Customer showreel 2009



poser_menhir_cuj0.jpg poser_powerage_hells_bell.jpg poser_ragata_nathy.jpgSome examples ofpseproducts to discover in the 3D resources.

Props, Character, Mat Pose, INJ… tens of objects to be downloaded free.

Cinema 4D

c4d_moulin_ayreon.jpgA mill of Provence to download in the 3D resources, for C4D, and Vue (entirely textured). Also available to the Obj format not textured.

And well of others still…


shd_labo_ecni.jpg shd_chaise_ecni.jpg Ecni proposes a multiplicity of objects with the Shade format, (compatible with Vue)…

Complete kit of laboratory, gate, main door, slipper with caster… Ecni models according to the inspiration of the moment, with often a good amount of humor…

Do not hesitate to read its presentation ...

Vue d'Esprit

For your underwater scenes, here an entirely textured jellyfish, for Vue d'Esprit…
You will also find objects, EcoSystem, Atmosphères… starting from versions 5 and 6 of Vue d'Esprit.
Go to the 3D Resources !!!

Spot Light

A small shower?
Format C4D, 3ds, Obj and Vue… there will be always a program for this beautiful shower of Odalo outside.
Object available in the 3D Resources…

How to propose my objects?

Do you have the creative heart?

Do you wish to propose your objects, textures, tutorials at the community?

Nothing simpler… It is enough to send your product by e-mail to us and will put we it on line.
The only condition is that you are the author of the offered product.

For more info >>>


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