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  • Pack de textures végétales

    pack de textures végétales by AXXPack de textures végétales format png à découvrir dans les ressources 2D et proposé par AXX pour vos créations 3D. Merci à lui ... 

  • Canon Bryce

    Canon by Nergal83Canon pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds et wings 3d à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Merci à lui ... 

  • Romantic bridge Bryce

    Romantic bridge by Nergal83Romantic bridge pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Merci à lui ... 

  • Service à Café Bryce

    Service à café by Nergal83Service à café pour Bryce 5, 6, 7 format obp, obj, 3ds à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Nergal 83. Textures incluses.

    Merci à lui ... 

  • Poser Baton de Mage

    baton de mage by conallBaton de mage pour Poser 4+ à découvrir dans les ressources 3D et proposé par Conall. Textures incluses.

    Merci à lui ... 

Vue d'Esprit : 15 ans déjà ! Convertir en PDF Version imprimable Suggérer par mail
Écrit par Seven   
E-on Software News :
October 26, 2007


Dear Vue-er, dear friend,

Exciting news in this letter:

  • Happy Birthday!
  • Voice Your Opinion with our Customer Survey
  • New Training Material
  • Did You Know?
  • Vue Turns 15!

    How time flies! Vue's been around for 15 years!

    Since the first Vue program, the Vue family has grown to no less than 15 full releases (not counting Ozone, modules, demos, PLE versions, etc).

    Here is (in short) the story of Vue:

  • 1992: The first lines of code are written. Vue is born.
  • 1994: Vue d'Esprit 1 is ready, but not for prime time. To generate your image, you need to tweak configuration files manually!
  • 1995: The first public version of Vue is released: Vue d'Esprit 1.2. With an interface!
  • 1997: Vue d'Esprit 2 hits the streets. It's the first full retail Vue product.
  • 1999: Vue d'Esprit 3 is released. On top of many improvements, Vue 3 adds a fourth dimension: animation.
  • 2001: A space odyssey! Vue d'Esprit 4 rolls out, and welcomes Mac users. In 2002, Steve Jobs himself presents Vue 4 during his Apple Expo Keynote.
  • 2003: Vue drops the "d'" and enters the professional market, with Vue 4 Professional.
  • 2004: Vue is now in its 5th generation, and the professional line is renamed as "Infinite"!
  • 2005: 3 more versions of Vue 5 are released: Easel, Pro Studio and xStream (for 3DS Max and Maya).
  • 2006: Vue 5 Infinite helps ILM generate environments for their blockbuster film Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (3rd place all time box office). Vue 6 Infinite and xStream are pre-released.
  • 2007: The complete Vue 6 line is released, adding LightWave, Cinema4D and XSI users to the Vue 6 xStream crowd.
  • 2008 + : Who knows? Well... we do... ;-)

    Look back at the first images of Vue, and see how much ground has been covered since then!

    Vue 0
    ©1992 N. Phelps
    Vue 1
    ©1994 N. Phelps
    Vue 1.2
    ©1995 P. Guignet,
    Vue 2
    ©1997 N. Phelps

    Vue 3
    ©1999 S. Belin
    Vue 4
    ©2002 P. Marie
    Vue 5
    ©2005 E. Dinur
    Vue 6
    ©2007 K. Wellings

    Your support, kindness, and even your rants throughout the years have helped us make Vue what it is today... the premier digital environment software.

    For letting us do what we love best, we'd like to express our sincere gratitude:

    Thank You!

    Let Us Know What You Think of Us!

    (And Win Up To $200 on Your Next Order)

    We’d like to take this opportunity to ask you about your experience with e-on software, our products and the services we provide you with, every day.

    Your input on our communication, our store and all things e-on is vital to us as we strive to make e-on software an ever-improving company.

    We ask you to kindly take a few minutes to answer our questions so we can better understand your expectations in terms of product features, customer support and services.

    The survey will run until December 1st, 2007. The week after, we will draw 7 winners from those who completed the survey. The first winner will get a $200 discount on his/her next purchase from e-on software, the six others will receive a $50 discount.

    Thank you for your time!

    New Training Video Available Online

    AsileFX has released a new training CDs: "Basics of the Function Editor".

    Ever been confused getting to grips with the Function Editor? Basics of the Function Editor explains in detail the way input and output nodes work, and will teach you how to master Vue's Function Editor through several exercises. Create and modify procedural terrains, complete planets, dynamic shoreline effects, and much more...

    More information available here

    >> Buy this (or other) titles from the e-on store now

    Did You Know?

    The meaning of "e-on"!

    An eon is a period of time arbitrarily designated by humans.
    Geologists refer to an eon as the largest subdivision of time on the geologic time scale.

    More commonly, an e-on is used to refer to a period of time of one billion (1,000,000,000!) years, or even "For Ever"!

    Time will tell... :-D

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