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Écrit par Seven   

Quidam 1.5 is coming

Free Upgrade


After several months of passionate work, the N-Sided team announces a new version of QUIDAM, its character-generating star-software.
Keeping the inimitable spirit of QUIDAM, this update turns up full of advanced and original functionalities which will delight professionals as well as artists:

Regarding functionalities, a brand new tool is going to help you along placing imported objects ; the painting of the skinning weights has considerably improved, QUIDAM opens up to advanced editing and to skeleton personalization, allowing to import/export in its own QDM format. Many more optimizations come adding more quality and fluidity to QUIDAM.

The content is not left behind, with two complete dynamic basis (a fantasy warrior and a manga man), two new variants of the faces bases with articulations, and many more improvements : new textures, accessories and new .QUI characters.

And all that for free for our registered users !
 Props Manipulator

Import an object in QUIDAM and integrate it to your scene thanks to this brand new tool. It will help you positioning your objects, turning them, stretching them and adjusting them perfectly in a trice. Placing a hat on a head or a bunch of flowers in a hand is now only a matter of seconds !
A very handy and intuitive widget which will help you saving a precious time in manipulating your objects.


 Advanced Skeleton Editor

The Advanced Skeleton Editor is an innovative tool which will let you place automatically a skeleton into an imported model and to adjust it in real-time. Professionals will enjoy being able to set the " Bind Pose " detaching and reattaching bones influence onto meshes at will.
Combined to the new skinning functionalities, the automatic functions and the clarity of this tool simplify drastically the characters set-up for animation.


 Advanced Weight Paint

Experienced users and artists will enjoy the novelties of this functionality which satisfies the neediest ones.
QUIDAM can project automatically skinning information of a character onto another one and retouch the skinning weights ("elasticity") of the imported characters. A few brush strokes to retouch it in the Weight Paint Editor and your model is set to your taste!


QDM Import

QUIDAM now allows to export and import in its own QDM format. The professional users will find it a unique way to fully personalize their characters.



 Models Pack Fantasy Warrior

Celtic warriors, combat robots, giants… with this dynamic basis, create all kind of characters where organic and mechanic will blend according to your fantasy. Cyborg or superheroes, they will illustrate your Sci-Fi scenes or populate your medieval fantastic universe.
Like any Models Pack, this base is given with multi-resolution models, ready to be animated with their textures, UV Map, skeleton and skinning, that you will be able to change and particularize very simply.


 Models Pack Manga Boy

This base comes to complete the Manga Girl already available. Explore the combinatorial cornucopia of this Model Pack to create a multitude of unique characters, in the spirit of Japonese Mangas.
Like any Model Pack, this base will allow you to generate endlessly multi-resolution and customizable models, ready to be animated with their textures, UV Map, skeleton and skinning.


Optimizations and other improvements

Getting always more powerful and faster, QUIDAM optimizes its navigation and is improving on a lot of details such as reinforced the compatibility with Photoshop CS3 Extended...)
New elements come to complete the already available bases: hair, textures, accessories etc…



Recent Press Quotes :


«Everybody knows how hard it is to create Low Poly 3D characters. There are few tools that are able to do it on the market. The release of the version 1.2 was the opportunity for us to test QUIDAM in greater details. We had some nice surprises: hyper intuitive sculpture, external object import and of course the lowpoly export that creates superb avatars." (translated from French)»

Aubin Canoën,, May 2007


«Is N-Sided Quidam v1.2 a worthwhile purchase? Certainly. Coupled with the LPA plugin, Quidam is a handy character creation solution with a bright future ahead of it.»

Robert Santa,, April 2007






For more information visit the website or contact the sales team at Cet e-mail est protégé contre les robots collecteurs de mails, votre navigateur doit accepter le Javascript pour le voir


Source :, juin 2007

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